REFUsol 003K– 005K

In the market for single-phase), transformerless string inverters, we offer the REFUsol inverter with nominal power of 3.6 to 4.6 kW. These feed into the low voltage network and their high IP66 protection class makes them particularly suitable for roof systems from 3.6 kW upwards, installed either inside or out. Thanks to fast and precise MPP tracking, efficiency levels of up to 97.7% are possible. Our data management system REFUlog enables you to display and evaluate operating and performance data for each PV system. With the integrated RS485 interface, our REFUpmu power management unit, and an Internet connection you can monitor your system via the inverter at any time, anywhere in the world, on your computer or on a smartphone using the REFUlog app.



REFUsol 008K-020K

The three-phase string inverters in the 8.25 to 20kW power classes are perfect for rooftop systems from 8 kW upwards, right through to megawatt parks. They comply with all requirements for IP65 protection – their housing provides reliable protection from dust and water, including high pressure washing. These systems can therefore be installed out in the open without any problem. All five string inverters are easy to handle and compact. For example, they can be installed on an area smaller than three A4 pages laid side by side. Operation and monitoring are easy, further facilitated by the graphic display, the integrated RS485 interface and an Ethernet connection.
Fast MPP tracking and a wide input voltage range also ensure the high levels of efficiency that are typical in REFUsol systems. Even at low irradiation, the three-phase inverters achieve an efficiency of up to 98.2%. As a result of these high efficiency levels convection cooling is all that’s needed to dissipate the heat. Thanks to the low voltage fluctuations against earth, the transformerless devices can also be used for many thin-film modules. The integrated data-logger can send all important operating data to the REFUlog internet portal. For visualization and evaluation purposes, data can be transferred via the standard cable or an optional wireless connection using the new REFUconnect radio module. Comprehensive information on operating conditions and the productivity of your plant is available at any time.