The energy-efficient solution for heating, cooling and hot water!

New complete Heat Pumps series from Solar Systems Hellas to cover heating, cooling and hot water production in both residential and professional applications. Flexible heat pumps and boilers that can accommodate many types of radiators and piping that already exist, ensuring instant and cost-effective installation.

The perfect solution for new constructions

Solar Systems Hellas Air-Water Heat Pumps are the preferred option for new homes or constructions. Combined with underfloor heating or low temperature radiators, energy saving is great for heating your home. Designed in Europe for Europe, Solar Systems Hellas Air-Water Heat Pumps are suitable for all climatic conditions in Europe throughout the year.

Operation with renewable energy

By exporting renewable energy from the air, the low-temperature system heats, cools and secures home-made water in a sustainable way. It operates with 75% renewable energy from air and 25% electricity. Achieves class A ++ energy efficiency during heating. Combine the heat pump with solar support for even greater savings when producing hot water.

New Products

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